Time To Sell High On These Players Heading Into Mid-June

John ZaktanskyCorrespondent IJune 8, 2010

TORONTO - APRIL 12:  Jose Bautista #19 of the Toronto Blue Jays steps into the swing during the game against the Chicago White Sox at the Rogers Centre on April 12, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario. (Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images)
Dave Sandford/Getty Images

I own a Volkswagen Jetta that is on its last legs. The transmission could implode at any moment. You better believe I’d love to move the car before the wheels fall off.

Same goes with a number of fantasy baseball players. Some have exceeded their preseason projections over the first two-plus months of the season, and as the rigors of a 162-game season take their toll, it is safe to assume that certain commodities will see their fortunes change.

Now is the time to consider moving the following:

John Ely is a poster child for this mentality. Is it possible he has a breakout season? Sure. However, there is no way he continues to put up stellar numbers like he has over the past month. He’s the eighth-best pitcher according to Yahoo rankings from the past 30 days, compiling a 1.80 ERA, three wins and 33 strikeouts in the past 40 innings of work for the Dodgers. If you own him in deeper leagues, see if you can deal him for a more proven commodity.

Armando Galarraga is coming off what should have been a perfect game. His name is all over the news waves and is synonymous with perfection. However, he has never been a solid fantasy option and is likely to fade back into obscurity as the season progresses. See if you can cash into his 15 seconds of fame before his time in the spotlight is over. Dallas Braden owners were wishing they had done the same with him weeks ago.

John Axford is the defacto closer in Milwaukee, and is a hot-add in many leagues at the moment. The Brewers present as a great team for producing a top fantasy closer as they never blow teams out as they likely should considering their offensive weapons. I was one of the people trying to add Axford—I even bid a 10th of my waiver money for the whole year on him Friday night in the BlogWars league due to thinning saves, but missed out on acquiring his services by $4.

However, it is hard to expect the youngster to be a long-term option for a team that has Trevor Hoffman in the bullpen. Sure, Hoffman earned his way there after struggling as a closer, but I still think the Brewers revert to him or a slew of other able closer candidates at the first sign of struggle for Axford.

I don’t own Jose Bautista in any of my leagues, but if I did, I would be pushing his services hard in potential trades. He has a massive 12 homers in the past month and 23 runs scored, 25 RBI and a .306 average during that same stretch. There is no way he continues launching balls like this.

Troy Glaus is experiencing a revival of sorts with Atlanta, whacking eight homers in the past month while hitting .323 and driving in 27 runs. We know the drill. Glaus always had the potential … it just always gets trumped at some point by his ability to get injured.

Miguel Olivo has played in the majors for nearly a decade. His highest season batting average was .263 back in 2006. The other seasons he was dramatically worse. In the past month, he’s hitting .394. Expect a crash back to earth, and deal him accordingly while the iron his hot.

While his white hot start to the season has cooled somewhat, Vernon Wells continues to produce the numbers many have expected out of him for years. Sure, he could have somehow put it all together this season for some reason, or he could be ready for a decline in numbers. Or both. Either way, I don’t see him finishing the season as a top-10 outfielder. Or even a top-20 outfielder.

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