Oakland Raiders: No Time to Waste

greg pitschSenior Analyst IJuly 23, 2008

In a season that holds as much future realism as this season, it was good to see that we had our rookies signed early, and all of them participating in our mini camps, and they will all be in training camp.

The whole league is awaiting the way Darren McFadden walks on the field. Most reporters were denying the fact that he was a sure fire running back, who is as explosive as anybody they have seen come out of the NCAA in years.

In the mini-camps, a lot of the defensive players for the Raiders were saying that he is extremely explosive, and how they are glad he is in the silver and black. With his addition we should see an increase in our running game, big time.

With this being JaMarcus Russell's first full training camp, there should be a big improvement in his ability to learn they playbook. From all the early reports, his arm strength is past phenomenal, closer to non-human like, in the way he gets velocity into the throw. It isn't like he played bad in his minimal time on the field last season, but the critics were harsh on him, mainly for holding out.
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