Mets Fan Mistakenly Steals Ball from Kid

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Mets Fan Mistakenly Steals Ball from Kid
This is a story I can relate to. Evidently during Sunday's Mets game, David Wright tossed a ball into the stands intending for it to be caught by a 10 year old Mets fan when suddenly a guy sitting a few seats over reaches in front of the kid to catch the ball.

The New York crowd boos. But what they didn't see was that this guy was a father at the game with his two young boys and he handed the ball to his excited 3 year old son. Evidently this dad was getting lambasted by the crowd and TV, so falling to pressure he handed the ball back to the kid for whom it was intended.

Thankfully David Wright got wind of this and made sure that the dad got two balls two give to both his sons that were at the game so the matter was resolved with a happy ending.

To me this is a classic tale because I have two boys and I definitely can see myself reaching in front of another kid to get the ball for my boys. I know for a fact that my dad would have done the same thing.

Yahoo Sports has the full story and pics of the affair. Poor guy. Just trying to be a hero for his kids while causing an unintentional incident at the ballpark.

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