FIFA World Cup 2010: England: 22 Mighty Lions and Emile Heskey

Daniel GoochAnalyst IJune 8, 2010

Fabio Capello chose 22 mighty lionsand a donkeyfor the World Cup this summer.

The three warm-up games ahead of the World Cup proved that Emile Heskey is the wrong guy to chose to partner with Wayne Rooney up front.

Putting Heskey next to a world-class player like Rooney makes him look like a schoolboy playing on the field.

I have concentrated on Heskey for the last few games he has wasn't good. He was missing passes, missing shots, missing tackles, and missing the ball.

He injured the experienced captain, putting him out of action for the whole tournament, and has also wasted a place on the final 23-man squad that could have been used for someone who can actually kick the ball towards the goal.

The only positive thing I remember him doing for England, was scoring one of the five goals in the famous 5-1 game against Germany in 2001.

Recently he has been playing well for his club, Aston Villa, but that skill has not transferred onto the international stage for England.

Some people say he "brings something to the team," and that may be the case. But the primary job of a striker is to score goals, and in 58 appearances since 1998, he has managed to score a total

Joe Cole and Jermain Defoe have scored more goals in fewer appearances.

Like the title says, he is the lone donkey in the middle of 22 mighty lions.

This is just a little personal rant about a player I do not think is good enough to represent his country.

But Fabio Capello thinks he you??