Brandon Underwood of Green Bay Packers Will Not Be Charged with Sexual Assault

J GatskieCorrespondent IJune 8, 2010

Brandon Underwood will likely not be charged with sexual assault. The women involved are known prostitutes and apparently solicited Underwood and tried to rob him.

According to Bill Michaels of, police will not recommend charges.

Underwood met the women at Cruisin' Chubby's, a gentlemen's club, and solicited one of them to come back to his room.

While the encounter was taking place, the other woman attempted to rob the player. Once she was discovered, the two women were thrown out of the condo.

The women then called the police and reported the alleged assault. After filing the report the women were reportedly seen laughing and carrying on.

The other players were not involved in any way other than being in the proximity of the encounter. Their accounts and whereabouts were corroborated by additional witnesses.

Underwood will likely be charged with solicitation of a prostitute.

The two women who filed the charges will probably be charged with prostitution and filing a false report. They are said to be known active prostitutes in the Milwaukee area.

The players were in town for a golf event hosted by Clay Matthews.

According to an article by Joel Thorman of SBNation, when his other teammates were notified of the investigation and that it centered on Underwood, several players who wished to remain anonymous said that he had been a problem since he was drafted in the sixth round out of Cincinnati in 2009.

Cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt had referred to his immaturity at various points last season.