Where Would Sundin Fit Best?

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IJuly 23, 2008

With Mats Sundin now saying that his decision won't be made until the beginning of August, the question has become where should Mats Sundin play next season. We know, Sundin knows, the Leafs know, the Habs, Rangers, and Canucks know that Mats Sundin wants to win a Stanley Cup.

The Leafs and Sundin also know that he will need to play at least 4-5 more years with the Leafs before he has a really good chance at winning the cup. However that is the same really with every team that wants the possibly ex-leafs captain on their team. None of those teams except the Habs have a good chance at winning the cup in the next 3-4 years.

Mats Sundin says that he would like to play in Toronto because that is like home to him, but I’m sure he also would like to try out somewhere different. However, you still to keep in mind that Sundin may not even be playing next season. Lets just all pray that Sundin does not become the next Jaromir Jagr by leaving the NHL and going to play in Russia.

In fact, I even think that they would treat him just like Jaromir Jagr in NY if he played for the Rangers, with respect, but he’s definitely not every ones favorite player. I think that also his numbers would stay up for about two seasons then slowly begin to slide like the old Rangers' captain, Jaromir Jagr's did.

If Mats Sundin wants to be wearing the 'C' on the left hand side of his jersey next season then he could go to the Rangers (which I still think would be a bad choice). He can also go to the Canucks or return to the Leafs because they all have inquired about the Swede’s services. They are also teams that are still without a captain.

I am a Leafs and even if he goes to Montreal I will still respect him because he didn't pull a Peter Forsberg by saying I'm waiting until the trade deadline and only going to a team that has a really good chance at going the distance. Last year I had lost all respect for Scott Niedermayer until Peter Forsberg did what he did. Good luck to Mats Sundin where ever he goes.