Must or Bust: Waiver Wire Gems? Armando Galarraga, Glaus, Smoak & More

TheFantasyFix.comAnalyst IJune 8, 2010

A quick look at last week's Fantasy Baseball top performing and least owned players on the waiver wire. Since no one else is, we are giving Armando Galarraga a no-hitter. Troy Glaus is finally back to his dominant ways on the red hot Braves and Justin Smoak is coming around. Plus, two young stud pitchers in Toronto. Can they really keep it up for another week? Check out who's a Must or a Bust.


Troy Glaus - 59% of Y! Leagues

8 R /  4 HRS / 10 RBI / .308 BA

Glaus should be owned in all leagues now. As long as Troy can stay healthy he will produce, and playing for the red hot Braves has certainly helped his numbers. Looks like Glaus is on his way to at least 2008 numbers (69/27/99) and we can certainly pray for 2006 numbers (105/28/104). He has five homers in the past seven games...

Chris Coghlan - 47% of Y! Leagues
7 R /  1 HR / 3 RBI / 1 SB / .533 BA
This is Coghlan's first real sign of quality numbers in 2010. He's got a lot of catching up to do—even after batting over .500 this last week, he is still hitting a measly .262. Hopefully the sophomore slump is over and we can have faith again in the 2009 NL ROY.

Bill Hall - 2% of Y! Leagues
8 R / 1 HR / 5 RBI / 2 SB / .368 BA
A great utility guy but until we see that Hall can get a permanent spot on a roster, don't expect anything like his 2006 stats (101/35/85).

Justin Smoak - 12% of Y! Leagues
7 R /  2 HR / 6 RBI / .444 BA
After a huge jump in ownership from the call-up, owners dropped Smoak as quick as Tyson dropped Sphinx. In the past week Smoak has raised his average 37 points. He was the Rangers top hitting prospect this year so it looks like a little patience was needed. Keep a very close eye, ownership will easily double if he puts up one more solid week.

Kevin Kouzmanoff - 9% of Y! Leagues
4 R / 3 HR / 6 RBI / .400 BA
It's highly unlikely Kouz can put up better numbers in Oakland than he did two years ago in San Diego (71/23/84/.260). He is only a viable option in deep leagues.

Delmon Young - 13% of Y! Leagues
3 R /  2 HR / 9 RBI / 1 SB / .321 BA
Minnesota has been waiting for Young to wake-up since acquiring him in 2008. A thinner Delmon has so far produced solid numbers, although it certainly helps to play with all-star hitters like Mauer and Morneau.


Armando Galarraga - 13% of Y! Leagues
9 IP / 1 W / 3 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.00 WHIP
We at The Fantasy Fix don't much care for Jim Joyce's poor eyesight and Selig being his usual mule-self, so we are changing the WHIP line from 0.11 to a perfect ZERO. Congrats Armando, you are a stand-up guy and as deserving as your halfway decent counterpart Dallas Braden. Don't expect any more games like this though out of Galarraga any time soon—he's only pitched three shutouts in his career with only one over seven innings.

Brandon Morrow - 11% of Y! Leagues
14 IP / 1 W / 9 K / 1.29 ERA / 0.71 WHIP
Morrow is jumping on the Blue Jay bandwagon with Marcum and Cecil. He has two quality starts in a row and a handful of relatively good games. He held the two best hitting teams in the league (TAM & NY) to seven hits over 14 innings. Morrow has four good pitches and one thing is for sure—he can strike batters out (74 in 64 innings). Yes he's been tagged for six runs against Boston and then again against Arizona, but he's also thrown a handful of gems. I'm predicting good things for Morrow here on out.

Brett Myers - 16% of Y! Leagues
13.2 IP / 1 W / 16 K / 1.98 ERA / 1.17 WHIP
Brett is one of those Vets who has good years and then decent years, but never terrible. He can get you 10-13 wins and even 150-175Ks, but he also owns a career 4.31 ERA. Certainly a player worth owning while he's hot, but also an easy player to drop if he starts affecting your teams stats. Good in the ERA and K's so far, but batters are hitting a whopping .275 off him and unfortunately that's not a new thing with him.

Tommy Hunter - 4% of Y! Leagues
9 IP / 1 W / 4 K / 1.00 ERA / 0.56 WHIP
In Hunter's first game of the season he absolutely manhandled Tampa for a complete game five-hitter (the second of his career). With Derek Holland on the DL, he has at least one more game to prove he belongs in the rotation. Feldman and Harden haven't pitched well so far, but it's doubtful they are going anywhere. It will be interesting to see how this plays out if Hunter pitches another gem.

Felipe Paulino - 2% of Y! Leagues
8 IP / 1 W / 7 K / 1.12 ERA / 0.88 WHIP
After losing his first six games, Paulino has put up four quality starts in a row, but playing for the last place Astros has only amounted to one win. If Paulino was on a team that could actually win, we might be looking at a 7-1 instead of a 1-7 record. But he's not on a winning team and he will struggle to get wins all season.

Brett Cecil - 34% of Y! Leagues
8 IP / 1 W / 5 K / 1.12 ERA / 0.75 WHIP

I'm finally a believer in this guy. He's had four solid starts in a row, the last being total dominance over the Yankees. He only has had one really bad game and all the rest have been quality starts. I say pick Cecil up now before its too late.

Do you think Galarraga will breakout this year or go back to his usual self?
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