Whats NXT?: The Start Of The End Of PG Era

Jeff TerryContributor IJune 7, 2010

  We all just seen the most shocking ending to Raw in a very long time. In which came something completely out of left field. The NXT season one took a beating on everyone and everything insight. Spitting the face of Cena kicking him beating the crap out of him. I can literally say I can't remember the last time WWE completely shocked me to becoming speechless for a few minutes. WWE writing team I wonder if they had this planned from the start if so genius. A friend of mine told me WWE needs to do something completely new original. Well I think they just did a bunch of new guys to WWE getting disrespected by pros and everyone on the staff , stay screw  everyone if you don't wanna respect me OK you will see. I really think WWE had this planned as the Daniel Bryan feud and Cole was. This was a complete gold ending to a mediocre show.

   Now my question is whats NXT? I can say WWE really got a lot of peoples attention and I am really looking forward to Raw next week. Also I think the viewers choice BS was just to get people to watch so they could show this angle off. I believe it was part of the plan the Viewers Choice was just a gimmick to get people to say oh hell let me watch. Then at the end let them unveil the big angle they had been planning. I try not to be negative to WWE but at times we have to be but now we gotta give them the credit for not being predictable. I gotta just say wow you did something good now whats NXT? Great job writing team, Vince McMahon , all the NXT rookies and everyone that took the beating a epic moment in WWE history just happened.