Kids Column: Fresh Start

Marivi Howell-ArzaCorrespondent IJune 7, 2010

The end score was 0-0 against Atlanta. Well, it's better than losing.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new coach. Omid Namazi, did an ok job on Sunday. We got a tie out of it, and that's ok.

We also got 3 new players from St. Louis. Nikki Washington, Elise Weber, and Anita Asante, all from the team that recently went bankrupt.

They cut Ifeoma Dieke from the team. They also cut Brittany Klein. Why Brittany? I get Ifeoma, because she hasn't had a very good game in a while. But Brittany?! We did have new players, but what about the old, and probably as good as new? I simply don't get it.

Well, we'll see where this is going.ns