Three Good Reasons Pat White Might Be the Best QB in College Football

Colson KirchnerCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2008

To start off, Pat White is an amazing football player, and I'm glad he plays for WVU.

Here are three reasons why Pat White might be the best QB in the NCAA, even though there are plenty of other QBs that are capable of great things too.

First, Pat White is made from lightning and weaves in and out of opponents easily.  I would know—even though I didn't go to the games, I recorded almost every game of the season and watched it over and over.  After doing so, I went online and looked at the stats for each game that had taken place that year.

Second, Pat White isn't a big jerk like a lot of talented football players.  What I really mean is Pat White always builds his team up and never brings the team down.  After every play, he never yells in opponents' faces—he gets up and goes back to his teammates.  In other words, he's a good team player and a leader.

Finally, Pat knows the game and can always come back when hurt.  He did this last year when he hurt his wrist and was out for a while, then came back and played.  This showed how tough he really is.  He's also very intimidating and lots of people like him.

This was my first article, so don't be like, ''Oh this kid sucks, come and look at my articles, ya he sucks.''  Don't do that, okay?

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