Kyle Parker Drafted 26th by Colorado Rockies; Implications for Clemson Football?

Joseph DurstCorrespondent IJune 7, 2010

Kyle Parker has maintained that he is undecided about whether he will return to lead the Clemson football team next season.

His decision was likely made for him tonight by the Colorado Rockies.

Parker was selected 26th in the first round of the MLB amateur player draft by the Rockies. Using leverage as a successful college quarterback, Parker can expect upwards of a million dollar signing bonus.

Although there is some precedent for MLB draftees continuing to play college football after signing baseball deals (Dennis Dixon, Jeff Samardzija), the Rockies would be unlikely to allow their first round pick to continue his football career. A signing bonus buyout is far more likely.

In all likelihood Kyle Parker will walk from college football for a few million dollars and Tajh Boyd will take over the offense in 2010.