Picking The SEC West Out Of a Hat—Seriously

Wes HowardCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2008

If there is one thing that the writers at bleacher report struggle with, it's the art of being unbiased.  It really is a tough thing to do.  We all love sports and if you are writing on this website, then you really love them.  There's even a section for your "favorite" teams.

As we all know, college football is fast approaching and all the predictions are coming out!  We love predictions.  There's not a better feeling than seeing your team at the top before the season has started.

I have found though that writers on this website struggle with not putting their team at the top.  So, when making my own predictions I decided to conduct a science experiment.  Would my predictions out of a hat defeat the predictions of many on this site?  There's only one way to find out!

So I put all of the SEC West teams in a hat.  I didn't stop there though—I also put every final record possible in the hat (I stopped at 3-9...surely we can all win at least three games this season). 

So here are the rules:  To make everything purely chance, I will draw a team name and then immediately draw a record.  That will be that team's final record.  Everyone on the same page?  Good.

Without further adieu: My "unbiased" prediction

The SEC West Standings

1. Auburn 11-2

2. Ole Miss 10-3

3. Arkansas 9-4

4. LSU 7-6

5. Miss St. 6-6

6. Alabama 5-7

Ok, now I have some explaining to do.  Wouldn't you know it...my "unbiased" experiment turned out to look like the most biased thing I could have done as Auburn is in first and Alabama is in last.  Unreal.  I am going to do this again to make sure that this is the correct prediction.

Second Attempt at the SEC West Standings

1. Auburn 13-0

2. Miss St 10-3

3. Alabama 9-4

4. Ole Miss 7-6

5. LSU 6-6

6. Arkansas 3-9

SIGH...I swear that I am honestly drawing them out of a hat!  You can't even look unbiased by pulling teams and records out of a hat!  Ok, last time and then I will take the average.

Third and Final Attempt at the SEC West Standings

1. Miss St. 13-0

2. Arkansas 12-1

3. Alabama 9-4

4. Ole Miss 8-5

5. Auburn 6-6

6. LSU 4-8

That's more like it.  Ok, now to take an average and this will be my final SEC West Prediction!


1. Auburn - 10-3

1. Miss St - 10-3

3. Arkansas - 8-5

3. Alabama - 8-5

3. Ole Miss - 8-5

6. LSU - 6-7

My hat apparently didn't like LSU.  My hat apparently didn't watch last season.  My point of this article was to show that you can find bias in anything.  I am sure some of you are doubting how Auburn ended up No. 1 and I am an Auburn fan. 

Oh well, there's your predictions.  I wouldn't take them to the bank.