Team names: "Oklahoma City Thunder" Not So "Super"

Lee B.Correspondent IJuly 23, 2008

Most professional sports team names relate to the history of the team, or the history and tradition of the local city. Oklahoma City's new team seems to have completely bypassed these standards, as reports circulate that the new team name will be the "Oklahoma City Thunder."

Really? That's the name they came up with to represent their city? Why not something more unique to OKC or the Southwest, such as "The Tornadoes," or "The Bandits"? This name makes about as much sense as if a team moved to Phoenix and changed their name to "The Wave."

It's going to be much different next year to hear about the "Oklahoma City Thunder," when for 40 years people were talking about the "Seattle SuperSonics." There are a lot of  sports teams whose names don't exactly make sense, but by stealing another city's team and then giving it an unfitting name, Oklahoma City has not gotten back into a favorable standing with Seattle residents.