2010 NBA Mock Draft: Uncertainty Remains After the Top Five Picks

Sam BlumCorrespondent IJune 7, 2010

2010 NBA Mock Draft: Uncertainty Remains After the Top Five Picks

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First Pick: John Wall (Kentucky) to Washington Wizards

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Second Pick: Evan Turner (Ohio St.) to Philadelphia 76ers

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Third Pick: Derrick Favors (Georgia Tech) to New Jersey Nets

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Fourth Pick: Wesley Johnson (Syracuse) to Minnesota Timberwolves

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Fifth Pick: DeMarcus Cousins (Kentucky) to Sacremento Kings

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Sixth Pick: Greg Monroe (Georgetown) to the Golden State Warriors

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Seventh Pick: Ed Davis (North Carolina) to Detroit Pistons

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Eighth Pick: Al-Farouq Aminu (Wake Forest) to Los Angeles Clippers

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Ninth Pick: Ekpe Udoh (Baylor) to Utah Jazz (via New York Knicks)

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Tenth Pick: Cole Aldrich (Kansas) to Indiana Pacers

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Eleventh Pick: Hassan Whiteside (Marshall) to New Orleans Hornets

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Twelfth Pick: Luke Babbitt (Nevada) to Memphis Grizzlies

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Thirteenth Pick: Daniel Orton (Kentucky) to Toronto Raptors

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Fourteenth Pick: Xavier Henry (Kansas) to Houston Rockets

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Fiftheenth Pick: Avery Bradley (Texas) to Milwaukee Bucks (Via Chicago)

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Sixteenth Pick: Patrick Patterson (Kentucky) Minnesota (Via Charlotte)

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Seventeenth Pick: James Anderson (Oklahoma St.) to Chicago Bulls

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Eighteenth Pick: Gordon Hayward (Butler) to Miami Heat

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Ninteenth Pick: Solomon Alabi (Florida St.) to Boston Celtics

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Twentieth Pick: Damion James (Texas) to San Antonio Spurs

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Twenty First Pick: Paul George (Fresno St.) to Oklahoma City Thunder

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Twenty Second Pick: Larry Sanders (VA. Commonwealth) to Portland

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Twenty Third Pick: Kevin Seraphin (France) to Minnesota Timberwolves

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Twenty Fourth Pick: Eric Bledsoe (Kentucky) to Atlanta Hawks

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Twenty Fifth Pick: Craig Brackins (Iowa St.) to Memphis Grizzlies

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Twenty Sixth Pick: Quincy Pondexter (Washington) to Oklahoma City)

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Twenty Seventh Pick: Devin Ebanks (West Virginia) to New Jersey Nets

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Twenty Eighth Pick: Elliot Williams (Duke) to Memphis Grizzlies

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Twenty Ninth Pick: Willie Warren (Oklahoma) to Orlando Magic

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Thirtieth Pick: Gani Lawal (Georgia Tech) to Washington Wizards

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