2010 FIFA World Cup Predictions: Who Do You Think Will Lift The Trophy?

Ieuan BeynonCorrespondent IIIJune 7, 2010

With the opening ceremony just four days away, people everywhere are being hit with World Cup Fever.

Everybody has their own opinion on who the will lift the famous old trophy.

You may be following your country, if your country was lucky enough to qualify for South Africa.

You maybe following your favourite player.

Or . . .

You may have a little bet on the team you deem good enough.

There's a carnival atmosphere building the world over.  With the first competition to be held in Africa you have the feeling their maybe a month-long party just around the corner.

So I'll start things off with my prediction . . .

Brazil (I have changed my mind in the last couple of days, for gambling purposes only).

They may not have the world stars we've come to expect with the Brazil squad in the past. But what they are is extremely organised and disciplined, and they still have the individual skills to pull the team through when struggling.

Also my prediction for the tournament's top scorer—Gonzalo Higuain (Argentina).