Jamaal Magloire Comes to Side of Murder Victim's Son

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Jamaal Magloire Comes to Side of Murder Victim's Son
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The focus of our news cycle, especially in sports, is so often skewed to negative stories that we lose site of what’s real and what isn’t.  Athletes are painted with a broad brush as rich, arrogant, and selfish individuals who spend more time in strip clubs making it rain than at charitable or community improving events.

Every now and again, however, we come across a story that shows that athletes are still human, and yes, they do have a heart.

Enter, Jamaal Magloire.

NBA fans may know of Magloire—a solid player but never a standout.  Magloire has always been known as a quiet, intelligent individual and it comes as no surprise that he was irritated when his story of kindness began gaining publicity.  As you’ll often find in life, people who do a good deed and are selfless don’t want to be paraded around.  They did the good thing because it was the right thing.

But at the same time, this needs to be recognized.

When he heard of the murder last Monday of single mother Lucita Charles—who left behind a 7-year-old son with cerebral palsy – not only did Jamaal Magloire think he could help out, he did help out.

The 10-year NBA veteran paid for the funeral for Charles (the city’s 18th murder victim of this year) and plans to establish a trust fund for her orphaned son. [...]

“That’s the most important thing: what’s going to happen to (Charles’ son),” he said. “We’re going to try to set up this fund for him so that maybe in the future, when he needs special treatment or a special doctor, he can get it.”

-Doug Smith, Toronto Star

A feel good story stemming from a horrible tragedy.  Now we can return to reading about the Ben Roethlisbergers and Tiger Woods of the world.

Source: FYISportsBlog.com

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