No KG, No Problem

Frankie AnetzbergerContributor IIJune 7, 2010

Not that he wasn't available, Kevin Garnett just hasn't shown up in this series. And still, the Celtics have somehow found a way to defeat the Lakers without utilizing their motivator. Paul Pierce didn't really perform either. So you can keep your mouth shut.

The Celtics know that they simply cannot win a seven game series without production from all of the big three.
It doesn't take 20 and 8 from all three, but they all need to produce. Ray Allen is going to set finals records every time he hits the floor, Rondo isn't going to drop a triple-double every game (don't hold me to that), and KG is barely there.
I don't want to sound like your typical section 300 drunk, but can we please put the whistles away? The Lakers took 41 free-throws in game two. 41! Are you kidding me? It made the Celtics' 26 look minor. It's the finals, let them play. I understand coming into the series the story was how intimidating and rough the Celtics were, but you're going to have a terrible finals if we can't see star players in the game due to foul trouble.
As much as I wanted Kobe to pick up his sixth foul yesterday, there's no way he should have more than four entering the fourth quarter. Can we not be like Jim Joyce and make unnecessary calls?
Now, because David Stern is an avid reader of The Anetzberger Verdict, I had to throw this in. Why do we have a different finals layout? Like I'm hoping the Celtics prove, the 2-3-2 setup can sometimes favor the team without home court advantage.
If the Celtics can beat the Lakers at home, which no team has done yet in this year's postseason, then the schedule should follow the playoffs. We have three rounds in the playoffs and then we switch the entire set up?
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