Can Mitchell overtake Davis?

Paul KasprzakContributor IJune 6, 2010

Buffalo Bills linebacker Kawika  Mitchell took the practice field Sunday for the first time since he hurt his quad muscle during a regular season game last year.

However, Mitchell isn’t slated as one of the starting middle linebackers, which begs the question if Mitchell can overtake fellow linebacker Andra Davis.

According to WGR 550, Mitchell stated that he is a little above 90 percent.

The Bills have six linebackers on the roster at middle linebacker, which the Bills will probably keep four of.

“The way I see it I’m in the biggest dogfight of my career. I’ve accepted that. It’s my situation that I’m in, I think it’s just going to make us better. We all work together, it’s a funny relationship. You’re all competing for a job, but yet if we all make it, we need each other. The competition is stacked. Right now we have six guys in our room, I don’t know if they’ll keep three or four but I know there is going to be some people going,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell was sorely missed last year as you could see that the undersized Keith Ellison would just get engulfed by blockers.

Mitchell shouldn’t have to catch up on the mental side of the things as he lives in Buffalo and has been in all the meetings.

In the end, my money is on Mitchell as a middle linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs he had two 100 plus tackle seasons and is the more talented of the two.