Jonathan Toews, Winter Classic Good for Chicago Blackhawks?

Branden Leeman@Leeman@TrocoeCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2008

The Winter Classic will be held in Chicago at Wrigley Field next year and I have not heard much positives from Canadian fans about this choice.

I have asked many people what they think about this and they suggested Toronto and Montreal at the Rogers Centre or Ottawa and Toronto. Other answers I received were the New York Rangers at Montreal, Boston at Toronto and Boston at Montreal.

The matter of the fact is that Chicago needs this. They need to be promoted more, as they only had six televised games last year really.

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane should help attract more interest from the fans in Chicago.

The Classic being held in Chicago will give 'Hawks fans a chance to see what this team really has to offer. This is a very talented team which was playing great hockey last season until Martin Havlat was once again injured with a separated shoulder.

If these boys can stay healthy and get great goaltending from Nikolai Khabibulin and Cristobal Huet, this team should come out with a bang and smash in the playoffs of 2009.

The Hawks, who recently name Toews as there new captain, drew a questionable look from some peoples point of view. I have heard many things.

For example, I heard the 'Hawks are just trying to be like the Pens and make Toews the young hero of the city. I don’t think choosing Toews was a bad choice, but what about Martin Havlat? He definitely proved himself in my eyes.

In the long run, Toews could of worked his way up, but it seems to me these days the young guys are getting the call to lead their team.

Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby is  20 years old and will turn 21 in August. Could young captains be the next trend?

Brenden Morrow practically stole the C right out from under Mike Modano’s nose. The days of vets taking the C is coming to an end and in an NHL that has eight or more teams with captains in there 20's, the new era in hockey also brings respect for the young guys.