2010 FIFA World Cup: Complete Predictions for Group B

Kyle W. BrownContributor IIJune 6, 2010

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 06:  Argentina's head coach Diego Maradona watches on as Lionel Messi looks to pass during a team training session on June 6, 2010 in Pretoria, South Africa.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

In continuing with our feature into the countdown of the 2010 World Cup on Friday, here is MWS' complete look at Group B of the tournament.


Korea Republic 0 - 1 Greece
Argentina 3 - 1 Nigeria

Argentina  2 - 1 Korea Republic
Greece 1 - 2 Nigeria

Nigeria 1 - 1 Korea Republic
Greece 0 - 4 Argentina

Final Standings:

1. Argentina 3W-0D-0L 9PTS 9GF 2GA
2. Nigeria 1W-1D-1L 4PTS 4GF 5GA
3. Greece 1W-0D-2L 3PTS 2GF 6GA
4. Korea Republic 0W-1D-2L 1PT 2GF 4GA


Argentina, led by the dominant Lionel Messi, should make easy work of this group, starting off against their toughest opponent against Nigeria, and winning by two. The next game the team may get a little ahead of itself, creating a close victory over Korea, before just thrashing Greece in the group's finale.

There are a lot of things that Nigeria should do well in this tournament, which will be illustrated in their first group matches. Starting off with a loss against the tough Argentinians, they should bounce back with a victory over Greece before settling for a draw with Korea.

Greece will not unfortunately have the success that some analysts are hyping for them. Their only win should come in a hard-fought match against the Koreans, before Greece drops a close one to the Super Eagles and are pummeled by the baby blues of Argentina.

Korea Republic will have a tough go in the tournament, entering as the lowest ranked team by FIFA. Despite a strong competitive effort that will keep them in close games, they should ultimately go on to fail to win a match in the 2010 edition of the tournament.