Fanatsy Surfer: Slater Primed for South Africa

TheFantasyFix.comAnalyst IJune 6, 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 14:  Kelly Slater of the United States performs an air during the Boost Bondi Beach SurfSho at Bondi Beach on March 14, 2010 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)
Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

This isn't a 3-2 count or a 3rd and 20. This is what happens when you cross the best surfers in the world with exotic women and late nights. Fantasy Baseball and Football Geeks: meet Fantasy Surfer, one of the fastest growing fantasy sports games in the world...

Cocaine, booze and foreign discos sounds like a wild night, but these are the things distracting the top surfers in the world as they compete around the globe in contests.~ These factors also must be taken into consideration when setting your line up for Fantasy Surfer because it is well known and documented that more than a few of the top surfers keep late hours on the piss and marching powder. There is no such thing as a curfew check in the world of professional surfing and in many contests the lack of one prevents some of the top names from getting solid results.  Drugs, booze and loose women make Fantasy Surfer one of the hardest “get it right” fantasy games in the world of sports.

Fantasy Surfer hosted by Surfer Magazine at is a growing fantasy league in the world of professional surfing.  It boasts over 90,000 participants.  It is similar to most fantasy sports, in that you select a roster prior to each event. The “season” consists of  twelve contests held in various parts of the world. Some of these locations include France, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, Hawaii, Tahiti and southern California.

The team selection is based on a payroll. Each players starts with a bank of $50 million and with that cash you are able to select a team of eight competitors.  Top competitors like Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning and Taj Burrow fetch between $10-12 million, while middle guys like Taylor Knox and the Hobgood twins get about $7 million and the perennial bottom feeders like Mick Cambell and Neco Padaratz cost in the $3 million range.  To top out the list, there are always a few local wildcards going for $300,000. Usually those are the guys used to fill out your roster when you are broke and surprisingly their knowledge of the wave sometimes makes them the best bargain available.

With three contests down the usual guys are at the tops, but one surprise being Jadson Andre from Brazil. The newcomer won that last contest in his home country which vaulted him to a  number four ranking and as a result his fantasy cost  has risen.  I did not have him picked and I really never do well when selecting a team for the Brazil contest. It’s proximity to the source  (Bolivia, Colombian and Peru) combined with the Brazilian female contingency that run amuck at contest sites has caused many a top surfer to spend their time in Brazil holed up in a hotel room with a pile of powder and a few hot babes instead of focusing on their upcoming heats. Can you blame them?

Next up, the Jeffery’s Bay, South Africa contest held between July 15th and the 25th.  The right hand point is considered one of the wonders of the world of surfing.  A long right where leg strength and speed are a prerequisite for any type of success. I am looking for the top guys to have solid results.  There are not blow peddlers on every corner  and hot women running around in g strings (sorry bru) on the beach, so this contest will have far less casualties than in some of the other contest locations.  I am going with a team of regular footers and hoping for the best.

My line up:

Kelly Slater - focused and on a roll and his 18 year old girlfriend has him feeling like a grom again

Andy Irons - if he can stay clean or at least 1/2 way clean, he could be back on track

Mick Fanning - speed he has, power he is getting - always dangerous in long rights

Patrick Guadauskas - surfing well and we need another CA tour main stay

Brett Simpson - I am from HB, I have to go with him

Travis Logie - the lone goofy footer on my team, but he is from South Africa and that will help

Jordy Smith - confidence of a vet - combining new school tricks and old school power - back at home in South Africa

Wild card - pick one up for cheap right before the contest

Patrick Reilly is not a grom. He is actually the Fantasy Surfer Editor

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