LPGA Gets (Sexy) New Image

BrianCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2008

A division of a New York modeling agency called Wilhelmina is trying to create a new image for the LPGA. The women's tour is already a stark contrast to the PGA tour:

  • LPGA players are far more accessible and fan friendly than PGA tour members
  • It's more impressive to watch a 100-pound body with a 5'4" frame hit a ball 260+ yards than a 200-pound body with a 6'0" frame hit it 300+ yards
  • Men with no interest in golf (or women's sports for that matter) are enticed by short skirts and tank tops
  • The LPGA tour lacks one truly dominant player (especially with the retirement of Annika Sorenstam)

We think this a great idea to attract new fans to the sport. The agency will try to seek sponsorships and endorsements for the seven ladies it has chosen. We have no real issue with the list (or the concept) aside from the absence of Natalie Gulbis and Erica Blasberg.