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AlexAnalyst IJuly 22, 2008

The team’s third straight defeat means yet another series loss to the New York Yankees and a fall in the standings as the White Sox won pushing the Twins another game back. There really isn’t anything to say, the offense gave them a lead in the sixth and Slowey proceeded to give it right back up with a two-run homerun in the bottom half.

There is only one thing to talk about, and that was the good decision by manager Ron Gardenhire to finally move Carlos Gomez down in the order. It turned out to be a solid move and the only highlight in the game as Span did a great job in the leadoff spot, and Gomez took a lot more pitches than he ever has before.

That’s all I’m going to say about the game. The Twins played like crap, and it’s looking like they are starting to fall apart. They better do something when they head to Cleveland, because the four-game series with the White Sox next week could get out of hand if they don’t salvage something on this trip.

On a good note, Francisco Liriano was amazing for the Red Wings, his fifth straight awesome outing. Liriano lasted seven innings for Rochester allowing just two hits and no runs while walking two and striking out ten.

So, that’s 42 strikeouts in the last 35 innings.

Enough with the “our pitching is fine, there isn’t room for him right now” crap you’ve been pulling. There’s plenty of room for a guy with seven more strikeouts than innings pitched and more importantly for a guy that has allowed one run in the past 35 innings.