Fun with Maps: Austin Edition

Kyle BunchSenior Analyst IJuly 20, 2008

Ever since I worked with the team building out mapping capabilities for Ballers Network, I’ve been wanting to dive back in and play around with various custom mapping solutions, from Google and Yahoo’s Maps APIs to the simpler Yelp mapping and Google MyMaps solutions.

For my first experiment, I went ahead and created a map of my Favorite Spots in Austin, which I plan on using as my first testbed for mapping experimentation.

Right now it’s extremely simple, using Google’s MyMaps functionality and no real coding, beyond grabbing some embed code and pasting it into WordPress.

But over the coming months, I’m going to explore ways that a WordPress plugin and/or theme might be written, to provide a more robust CMS that would enable location-based storytelling to be displayed as an overlay right there on the map (and potentially accessed and/or edited via a GPS-enabled device like an iPhone).

I’ll post updates as those new versions roll out…for now, take a peek at version 0.1 and let me know what you think.