The Best TNA v. WWE storyline feuds

Damion ClaytonContributor IJune 5, 2010

The Best TNA v. WWE storyline feuds

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    Raw: A.J. Syles vs Chris Jericho

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      Smackdown: Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy

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        Smackdown: Kane vs Abyss

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          Smackdown: Undertaker vs Sting

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            Raw: Mr. Anderson vs The Miz

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              Raw: John Morrison vs Shannon Moore

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                Smackdown: Kurt Angle vs Jack Swagger vs Brian Danielson :)

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                  Raw, Smackdown: Tag: (The Hardyz) v. E & C v. 3D (any good tag) or SES

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                    Raw: Mr. McMahon vs Jeff Jarret

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                      I know theres more but tell me what you'll think of what I have so far.

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