There Is More Than One Way To Get a Belt

Paul AustinCorrespondent IJune 5, 2010

Anyone who has spent any amount of time anywhere near a wrestling forum, or website, will know that for every belt that exists, and there are a lot of them, there are a thousand fans, with a thousand different opinions as to who should be holding them.

The trouble is that not everyone can hold the title, so sometimes people are bound to miss out. However, a few resourceful wrestlers have found a way to avoid the ignominy of being belt-less, by creating one of their own, or even wearing an unsanctioned one.

At present, perhaps the most high profile example is Ted DiBiase Jr. in the WWE, who can be seen, most weeks, strutting around with his father's Million Dollar Championship belt draped over his shoulder. But Ted is neither the first, nor likely to be the last wrestler to award himself a title.

Other notable examples, of invented titles, have included Taz's FTW Heavyweight Championship in ECW, and James Storm's Beer Drinking Championship in TNA.

Of course there is also the alternative of using an unsanctioned, or retired title, and an example of this was seen when Ric Flair brought the Big Gold Belt, the former NWA World Heavyweight Championship belt, with him when he first entered the WWF and used it to as a way to claim that he was the "real world champion."

So, for a change, I thought we could be creative, and rather than argue over which of our favorite wrestlers should get a shot at the real world titles, we could maybe invent a few alternative titles that we'd like to see our heroes adopt.

So, has anyone got any ideas for a brand new title, they'd like to see created?

Does anyone have an unsanctioned, or retired belt, they'd like to see return?

And if so who would you like to award these titles to?

Personally I'd like to see a pink slip title, and I'd like to award it to Hornswoggle, but I'm sure the rest of you can come up with better, and more creative suggestions!