John Wooden: What a Human Being Should Be

kevin lurkerContributor IJune 5, 2010

 I awoke this morning to the news of the passing of John Wooden at age 99.

 While I never knew him personnally he unknowingly became a great influence in my life.

 When I started to tear up upon hearing the news, I quickly was reminded that he would find no reason to do so. A long healthy life full of changing other peoples life's is a life lived well. He left a legacy of caring, about being your best, and working together to acheive a goal for the benefit of others not self. A life well lived, we cant ask for more than that.

 I was given one of his books to read and finished it in 1 afternoon. That reading transpired to help change my life and become a better and happier person. Im not looking for accuracy here rather just trying to give a personnel Thank You to a man whom I admired.

 6 simple life lessons were given in his book handed down by his father.

 Dont lie, dont cheat, dont steal.

 Never whine, never complain, never blame other's.

 Beautiful simplicity. A mantra of how to get through this life that is always going to be unfair.

 I had the first 3 down no problem,,,,but "Oh Boy" did I ever need to work on those last 3. I wrote them down on a simple piece of paper and kept them with me.

 As I began to use this in my life, my life became simplier and happier. I began to focus on solutions to my problems and not complaining about them. I became a better father to my children and a mentor to others around me. I fall short of acheiving these in all situations, however, I always remember them and they give me the opportunity to readdress those situations. My life improved by thinking of others who had much harder situations than myself. It improved by knowing I had the power inside me to adapt and change in bad situations that I could not control. What I did have.. was the power to control myself w/character and value's.

 If you dont believe in a "higher power" then you will miss part of his message.

 If you dont believe in helping lift up your fellow man, than you will miss part of his message.

 If you dont take responsibility for your life and situations, you missed his message.

 THANK YOU MR. WOODEN... you left a legacy with me and I never even met you. Thats what we should all aspire to do in this short time we spend upon this earth. Sharing this life we have with our fellow man.

 God Bless you John. Job well done. Welcome home faithful son.