A King-sized interview leaves me reading body language like tea leaves

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A King-sized interview leaves me reading body language like tea leaves

After LeBron's hour-long interview from his Bath Township home with Larry King, which aired tonight, you could argue that we learned a lot or that we learned nothing. As for me, I'm going to lean toward "nothing", but I will say that there were a couple of interesting things revealed in the way LeBron said things and in his body language. It's one thing to read the transcript, but it's quite another thing to hear and see the interview, revealing the context in which the question were asked by King. Here's a few of my thoughts shortly after watching the interview (twice).

First, I think it's important to mention some of the more personally meaningful moments of the interviewing, including queries into LeBron's relationship with his father, his interaction with gangs, and his prospects of getting married. It was surprising that first LeBron cleared King to ask these questions and then that he didn't necessarily dodge them as he has in the past. His statement that he didn't know "that's how it worked" with a mother and father until he talked to other friends that had both was astonishing to me. The fact that he talked about needing to be truly ready for marriage to commit to it was a solid answer. I also found it funny when he said that Savannah didn't press him about it, because who would when your "boyfriend" is pulling in tens of millions of dollars a year, if not more, and you have two children together already. As for the gangs, LeBron was truthful saying that, "you can't get away from it" because he lived in it, but sports was his way out of it. These type of statements tell me that LeBron, despite what people are saying about him, is still a grounded, humble individual. As for that word, "humble", LBJ uses it quite a bit, doesn't he?

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