World Cup 2010: North Korea Score Own Goal With Blunder In Line Up

Daniel GoochAnalyst IJune 5, 2010

Was it a plan conjured by a team from the most secret countries on the planet? Maybe it was just an administrative error. Whatever happened, Kim Myong Won, the North Korea striker, is not likely to take any part in the World Cup.

Kim's problem would fall into the cock-up category, rather than any conspiracy theory.

Not even their supereme leader, Kim Jong Il, could have thought up such a plan to stop one of his players taking part.

The finger is firmly being pointed at the team coach Kim Jong Hun. 

He was the person who named Kim Myong Won, the Amrokgang striker, as a third goalkeeper in the N.Korea 23-man squad.

Fifa was not amused at all. They layed down the law and are not making any exceptions.

“The three players listed as goalkeepers can only play as goalkeepers during the World Cup and cannot play outfield, and Kim Myong Won will not be allowed to play as an outfield player if he has been put on the list as a goalkeeper.”

Kim will not be able to run at the defences of Brazil, Portugal and Ivory Coast, North Korea's opponents in group G. Nor will he be able to emulate the North Korea team who beat Italy on their way to the quarter-finals in England in 1966, the last time they appeared in the finals.

The only way that Kim can play at this months World Cup is if Ri Myong Guk and Kim Myong Gil, the two genuine goalkeepers, get injured or suspended. However, that will mean he can only play as a goalkeeper, and be trying to save shots from Kaká and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The bad news for Kim is that only 4 out of 371 World Cup qualifiers for the finals, have used their three goalkeepers. So the odds are against him.

It is a huge mistake for the Asian team, and may have thrown any hope of a draw against anyone, out the window.