J.T. Terrell: The Most Underrated Incoming Freshman in the Nation

Gregory SharpeCorrespondent IJune 5, 2010

West Charlotte High School guard J.T. Terrell made a good decision by choosing to attend Wake Forest next fall. But many programs, such as Kentucky and North Carolina, teams whose systems the 6'3" senior fits have made a big mistake by passing him up. 

Terrell is a scoring machine and has the ability to turn the outcome of the game at the drop of a dime, literally. I never claim to be an "expert," but people who do have knocked Terrell's passion to score and show he is the best on the floor at doing so—but since when has the best scorer on a high school team shooting the ball when he thinks he has a good shot a bad thing?

Terrell plays public school ball and doesn't face many opponents that have anyone on their roster near his level of athleticism basketball talent. In short, from the time he steps on the floor he has a mismatch. Combine that with a silky jump-shot with NBA range, and Terrell should have the green light to put it up when he's feels he's open. 

That scoring prowess and killer instinct is something that cannot be taught. Having that kind of assassin-like attitude is a virtue in the sports world. A comparison I hear a lot of is LeBron James to Kobe Bryant.

Even in retirement Kobe will have the edge, because after he walks away from the game he will still be the most feared man in basketball because of his ability to step on the throat of his opponent when its time to strike the death blow. Terrell is the death blow, the silver bullet, the executioner that Wake Forest needed this season after Jeff Teague went on to the NBA.

Terrell has been given the title of ball-hog or black hole by some, but in his defense, and with all do respect to his teammates, he's usually the best player on the floor and is undoubtedly the best option for his team in just about every situation.

To label Terrell and chastise him for shooting when that is what God put him on this earth to do would be the equivalent to someone telling Picasso to continue to make world class art without a brush or paint.  

Asking Roy Williams to win the NCAA Tournament without a roster full of McDonald's All-Americans, Kim Kardashian to continue to stay relevant without a super-star boyfriend—it cannot be done.

Let J.T. do what J.T. does.

I would not be surprised to see Terrell has a better season than any of the All-Americans going to North Carolina or Duke. After the season the Tar Heels had this year I figured a guy who can get his own shot and score at will would be the No. 1 concern for Roy Williams. Though the recruiting process is over, the bitter taste of being shunned by his home-state power houses cannot possibly be out of Terrell's mouth yet.

He and the Demon Deacons will get four shots next season to show the Blue Devils and Tar Heels what they passed up on.

As part of a recruiting class that is full of talent but short on recognition, Terrell will be surrounded by players that will help him showcase his skills. Demon Deacons head coach Jeff Bzdelik was able to keep the entire 2010 recruiting class intact after the unexpected firing of Dino Gaudio.

The Deacons could be the surprise team of not only the ACC, but the country. And if Bzdelik can keep his own "Fab Five" intact for more than one season, the sky is the limit in Winston-Salem.

Checkout J.T. Terrell's highlight video.

Wake Forest 2010 Recruiting Class

J.T. Terrell, SG
Charlotte, NC
6'3", 165lbs

Travis McKie, SF
Richmond, VA
6'7", 195lbs

Melvin Tabb, PF
Raliegh, NC
6'8", 225lbs

Carson Desrosiers, C
Windham, NH
6'11", 210 lbs

Tony Chenault, PG
Philadelphia, PA
6'1", 165lbs

All ranked in the top 150 players in the class of 2010.