MMA Needs a 225 Pound Weight Class

Kyle BleakContributor IJune 5, 2010

         Since the beginning of MMA there has been the super sized freak in MMA , but back then superior technique could beat anybody of any size. Only thing different nowadays is that those "super sized freaks" now have gotten technique and learned to use there size to nulify the strengths of there smaller opponent. After weight classes were established in MMA the size advantages were mostly taken away. Except in the Heavyweight division where the weight of a fighter can vary anywhere from 206-265 the smallest a fighter comes in though is usually around 230. Thats still at least a 35 pound difference and most of them put on at least 10 pounds after weigh in. In my opinion having a 225 weight class can only benefit MMA organizations.


    At the second UFC fan expo Frank Mir said in an interview "Right now I have a couple months off, so I've actually been toying with the idea of maybe going down a weight class. Since I don't have a fight for a couple months, I've just been watching what I eat and see how my body without trying to put size on; what my natural weight will fall now at now since I have lifted a lot lately to add size. I'm kind of curios where I think I would fall at. Because some of the guys I train with that are light heavyweight, bone structures are the same. Sometimes I stand next to Forrest and I think I'm in the wrong weight class." Here is the link to the interview


With more and more giant heavyweights coming to the UFC some smaller fighters that are too big to drop to 205 are getting outmuscled by the fighters who have significant size advantages on them. Frank Mir is a great example of this he is 6'1 and has no where near the muscle mass of Lesnar , Carwin , or Cain Velasquez. He could make the weight cut to 225 without giving up too much muscle and if Mir tried cutting down to 205 the cut will be far too much for him and it could end up hurting him more than helping him. 4 fighters that would easily benefit from this are ; Frank Mir , Brandon Vera , Pat Barry , and Fedor Emelianenko. All of those fighters could make the weight cut and fight with a more even size advantage. I am against having too many weight classes such as boxing does , but i feel this is needed to help seperate the giant heavyweights with the smaller ones.


    If a fighter like Frank Mir trys cutting down to 205 he will most likely ending up injuring himself or fail to make weight which will have a negative effect on their career in the long run. Another fighter that could use the 225 weight class is Brandon Vera who at times looked very good at Heavyweight but could not compete with the larger fighters. Once he made the cut to 205 just never seemed to find his rythm and has a record of 3-3 at LHW.


  Tell me what you guys think should they make a 225 pound weight class?