Solving the Wade Barrett Situation

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Solving the Wade Barrett Situation


On June 1st, the WWE’s next breakout star was introduced on the NXT Season Finale, and his name is Wade Barrett.

To me, it was pretty clear that the WWE had either Barrett or Daniel Bryan slated to win NXT. When Bryan was eliminated “by the WWE Management”, Barrett took over the #1 spot on the pro’s poll that was previously occupied by Bryan, and it was smooth sailing from then on in.

Barrett cruised to victory, not relinquishing that prestigious #1 slot for even a week.

Many people are now wondering what the WWE has planned with Wade Barrett. I have to agree with the IWC when they say that WWE should book him for a US or IC Title bout, but unfortunately, that is not the way they’ll go.

The main reason for not going that way will be, that during his winning speech, Barrett said and I quote “A few weeks ago I told the world, that the winds of change were blowing here in the WWE. Well today, those winds stop blowing, ‘cause change is here and change is now and it is a change that is gonna take Wade Barrett, to the WWE Heavyweight Title!”

You’ll notice that he said “to the WWE Heavyweight Title”. That basically has just finalized that the WWE has got him booked for a World Title match in the near future. Is this a good move? I don’t think so and I’m sure that many other authors and critics on this website will agree with me.

With him not specifically saying which World Championship he’ll be chasing, that still leaves speculation to which brand he’ll be placed on.



If the creative team decides to put Barrett on the ‘A’ Show, I think everybody knows what’s going to go down.

It looks like we’ll have ACJ on our hands (Another Cena Jobber).

Of course, I may be wrong, just look at Sheamus. Just weeks after being bumped up to RAW, he won a Battle Royal and actually beat Superman at TLC in a Tables Match. So, really, you never know what’s going to happen.

Still, unless Orton wins the Fatal Four Way match, I just can’t see Barrett having any legit shot at winning the Title at what would likely be the MITB PPV.


On SmackDown

Ladies and Gentlemen: we have ourselves a teeny bit of a problem here. Our problem is that we have the World Heavyweight Championship slapped on the waist of a heel. One particular heel that will be holding the WHC for a very long time is Jack Swagger, who won his belt two nights after Wrestlemania at the Smackdown tapings, where he cashed in his MITB Contract that he won at the Super Bowl of Wrestling.

The only option on SD! for Barrett right now, is a Heel-Heel feud. That could happen, but it wouldn’t be very popular with the younger generation of the WWE Universe, besides me of course. It is something that the WWE rarely does and likely won’t do in this case.

Unless the WWE is willing to leave the Barrett Championship match out of the picture for the next few months, until Swagger drops his title to a face, or Cena’s reign ends and another good guy gets in on the WWE Championship gold, such as Trips or John Morrison, the only viable option that would satisfy all members of the WWE Universe is an Orton-Barrett feud. Of course this is only my opinion. If your’s contradicts what I’ve said in this article, drop me a line in the comments. Let’s get a discussion going.


Thanks for Reading. Until next time, I’m Michael the Amazing.


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