To Change Or Not To Change: That Is The Question

Joel DanielsContributor IJune 4, 2010

As I grabbed my soda and ate my popcorn... wait... wrong article.


Okay, so I watched Smack Down and Raw last week and started to really think on a few of the changes that WWE made since 2010 rolled in:

Randy Orton: Went from being the viperous heel to "anti-hero" face. I thought long, and hard about what REALLY changed for Orton and all I know is this: He's stopped talking, wearing wristbands, and is STILL not our WWE Champ.  Don't get me wrong here... I LOVE the fact that I get to indulge in that classic pose, but honestly Orton turning face hasn't changed a darn thing when it comes to the man's overall character. In that respect, was a face turn really necessary at all??

CM Punk: I like Punk. I honestly do. He preaches a drug/alcohol free lifestyle, and I respect that. But the man went from being the Straight-Edge superstar to the leader of the new Manson family and is currently making drugs look like a good thing. How you ask? It is as Rey said: "The message is good. It's just that the messenger is bad." The man couldn't be more correct. Having Phil play psycho-heel (a sort of semblance to Edge if you will) really sends A LOT of mixed messages. He's telling us to be straightedge yet he's a psychopath. Enlighten me here WWE. Now while I personally can't get enough of CM's antics, WWE is PG (like it or not), so having a bad guy preach something good in my opinion doesn't exactly send a positive message. In that regard, was this a good change for Punk or a bad move by creative??

JTG: I'll be honest here - I have never cared about the men of Cryme Tyme... but JTG's change was just...REALLY?! His hair, the pseudo-leather pants, and what is up with the pink glitz belt??? He's gone from thugster to John Morrison wanna-be?? On a personal side, like Legacy, I thought Cryme Tyme should have stuck around to offer competition for the Harts. Right now our tag team division lacketh (I will NOT acknowledge Rikishi's son's and Super Fly's man-woman child.) Well...Putting aside his "extreme make-over", was a spilt for Cyrme Tyme a good change or bad?

After all of that I decided that since I was already on the topic, it was only right that I took a look at some of the people who haven't changed BUT may need it...

Cena: How I hate this man. But if he changed to being heel, would it be a good thing? I want to say yes but I believe his character is so far-gone in face land that he may not be able to turn a new leaf at all.

Sheamus: Needs a tan? Hell yes. But what about a face turn? As we all know by now, no one likes Sheamus. As a heel that should be a good thing...right? Well the problem is everyone hates Sheamus for all the wrong reasons. Maybe a face turn will freshen up the Celtic warrior??? Thoughts?

Miz: I'm the Miz and I'm... overdone. Overheard. Overrated. I like the Miz. He's got charisma (if nothing else). Should he change at all... my money's on a return of Dirt Sheet. Thoughts?

R-Truth: I don't understand. I just don't get how, or why this man is in the WWE. Talk about getting zero reaction. To me, Sheamus is far more interesting than R-Truth. Personally, I don't think he can change. Ever. He just brings nothing to the table for me. Agree or disagree??

Ted: Needs a new theme song. And a new gimmick. His current character looks, and even feels forced, and it's painful to watch. Overall...Is heel-ville really where Teddy should reside?

These are all random thoughts I had, so feel free to throw in your own opinions. :D