Lynch is a fool

Paul KasprzakContributor IJune 3, 2010

Marshawn Lynch several weeks ago told Yahoo Sports that he will be attending Organized Team Activities.

However, Lynch has gone back on his word and he is a fool to do so.

It was reported several times yesterday that Lynch was in town and would attend OTA’s that started today.

Well he still wasn’t at practice and Lynch needs to get it in his thick skull that he isn’t getting traded, which he stated in an interview on a California television station.

However, Lynch fails to realize is that Bills head coach Chan Gailey doesn’t care who you or how skilled you are, but rather how well you know his playbook.

If Lynch doesn’t get in soon he will be relegated to third string and will get very little touches and if he stays there all season it will only hurt other job prospects after the Bills as many teams will think something is wrong.

In the end, the only thing that Lynch is getting accomplished is making himself look like a bigger fool.