Why Bud Selig Should Over Turn His Decision

Dylan BrixeyContributor IJune 3, 2010

I believe that Bud Selig should give Armando Gallaraga the perfect game. How many times is he going to allow something like this to happen. This is a total outrage. This young man did nothing to deserve this,lets face it a perfect game is a tough feat to accomplish. He probably wont get this close in his career again. I wish that Bud would institute some form of instant replay on close plays like that particular one. He was clearly out. After the game the runner Jason Donald said he thought he was out. Come on we got to have some form of accountability here. I believe that you broke that young mans heart. He said that it was ok but this morning he also said that he couldnt sleep. And yet today the governor of Michigan declared that Armando Gallaraga be declared that it was a perfect game. General motors even gave him a brand new Corvette. Only 20 pitchers have accomplished this rare feat. Some of the most notable include Sandy Koufax in 1965, Cy Young in 1904, Jim Bunning in 1964, Don Larsen in 1956, Kenny Rogers in 1994, Catfish Hunter in 1968, David Wells in 1998, David Cone in 1994, Randy Johnson in 2004, Mark Buerhle in 2009, Dallas Braden in 2010, and Roy Halladay in 2010. We need to make it right and add Armando Gallaraga to this list. The umpire in question Jim Joyce even said aftwerwards that he blew the call.