Matt Hardy is Overrated. That's Why He Isn't Pushed.

The Rough RyderContributor IJune 3, 2010

I've noticed there is a lot of huge Matt Hardy fans that have posted things on this site saying Hardy should be pushed and is being held down. Let me just let you all now. I'm not a Matt Hardy fan. However, even though I am not a fan of his, I don't hate the guy either he's just...there among the talent. Let me explain why he is not pushed.

Hardy is just that, among the other talent. He is not a top guy and is not a jobber either of course. He's just floating around. The reason for this? His own fault.

Hardy is full of shit when he says he is motivated to get back in better shape. If you watch his youtube videos you see he is always saying how motivated he is to be better than ever. Yet everytime he says that, the next video he is eating at Cracker Barrel(his favorite place in the world), Mcdonalds, or other places to eat. He further explains to the fans the good food they have there. If he is so motivated to get in good shape then why in the blue hell is he eating everything in the world and telling us to eat the shit too? How about hitting the gym. He has never been show in a gym in any of his videos. Lazy just lazy.

Oh I know the arguement that's coming soon. His intestine problems is the reason for his weight gain. Hardy keeps saying that. Again, he is full of shit. If he can wrestle then he sure as hell is fine. He is eating whatever he wants. If anything he should eat better if the injury he had was so bad. It has been months and months and months since the injury ok. He is fine as can be. Also, it has been months and months since he has continued to say he is getting in better shape. Did you see him 2 weeks ago at NXT??? Black tank top he was wearing and all. He looked heavier than he did 2 months ago all WHILE wearing black. He is not getting in better shape and you can see it clear as day. He is just very lazy and not giving a shit about his body.

Another reason he isn't pushed aside from his lazyness is he is below average. Hardy does not have the wrestling ability that he acts like he has. Hardy is not a technical wrestler like a bunch of fans claim he is which is HILARIOUS. Bryan Danielson and Kurt Angle are technical wrestlers. Funny shit right there. Hardy has some wrestling talent but he just does what everyone else does. He is not special in his moves at all. He is not a technical master or a brawler. He is just an average wrestler. That's it.

Hardy also does not have Mic skills. Chris Jericho has Mic skills. Hardy can not talk on the mic at all. There are worse people on the mic, but not many and not by much. Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Triple H, hell even Drew McIntyre are all better on the mic than Mr. Hardy alrite. All Hardy does it yell on the mic. That's not skills. Only reason he gets a crowd to cheer is by yelling on the mic. That's so easy. Every week the guest hosts yell some shit like "YOU ALL READY FOR A GOOD SHOW TONIGHT!" and they pop. Again, very easy to do and all Hardy can do on the mic. Yell for a pop.

Hardy needs to get in shape and stop making excuses. I have lost a lot of respect watching him bullshit us fans. Go watch his youtube videos. He even looked drunk in a hot tub in one video saying he was so motivated to be better than ever. I think that was in March. He has not changed since then and looks exactly the same if not worse.

I would even make the case that Scott Hall is working harder than Matt Hardy at getting in shape. A lot of people might actually agree with me on that one and that is pretty fucking sad wouldn't you say so? That's just sad. Scott Hall is a mess who is what 51? 52? Hardy is a wrestler with NO HEALTH ISSUES in his early-mid 30's and they are close to being in the same shape. That's so sad it isn't even funny.

Good for Scott Hall. But Hardy should be ashamed of himself.