Jericho Leaving Wrestling? News On Reality Show Developments.

Jack JackCorrespondent IJune 3, 2010

Jericho who recently made his big screen debut in the flop "MacGruber" has been slated by ABC to host a "extreme game show" that involves the "largest conveyor belt ever seen on TV".

The show is named Downfall and involves people saving things from the edge of a skyscraper.

It is unclear whether Jericho will be host only one episode or all of them: yet it should be noted that the show is only a 6 episode series.

With Jericho's success with his band "Fozzy" and him starting a trend of appearances in Hollywood suggests changes for the 6 time World Champion. Do you think Jericho is getting reading to leave wrestling?

It would appear that Jericho is taking after the Rock and Cena and breaking out from his traditional WWE role; or maybe Mr. McMahon wants his stars to have more media exposure.

What will wrestling be like without "The best in the world at what he does"?

What do you think?