If I Only Had A Heart: Jamie Yager Quits After 2.

Michael EastContributor IJune 3, 2010

The Ultimate Fighter season 11 semi quarter finals aired last night featuring a bout between light heavyweights Jamie Yager and Josh Bryant. Yager, who is on his second reality series (first being BET’s Iron Ring) went into last nights fight coming off of two victories on the show.


After two rounds of action, judges had Yager winning the first round, and Bryant with a clear win in the second. UFC President Dana White made the announcement of the third and final round, yet Jamie Yager failed to answer to bell and refused to continue against Bryant.

 Yager, was assisted out of the ring, placed in a neck brace and taken away in an ambulance. Yagers parting words from the back of the ambulance were “Sorry guys, he’s a tough dude”

 Coach Tito Ortiz quickly jumped up and referred to Yager multiple times as being a “pussy”.

Fellow Coach and long time rival Chuck Liddell seemed to share the same opinion of Jamie Yager as both coaches (and contestants alike) all appeared to not believe what they were seeing.

 “Yeah,  kind of. It paints a bad picture of your mental toughness if you can’t fight through it, and in this game you’ve gotta be mentally tough.” Said Bryant to MMA fighting.com when asked about losing respect for Tito.


 For what medical reason Yager was taken to the hospital remain to be seen but he should have probably been warned that he wont be getting a much needed heart transplant.