Evaluation: Al Davis and His Raiders

Salvatore MigliaroContributor IJune 3, 2010

       To start off we have all heard the same thing about the Raiders over the past few years. They could not find consistency in any area of the football team except for pass defense or special teams. Lets be realistic as Raider Fans from now on, lets face it that we might have the most dedicated fans in the world but I read up a lot on some articles and find that we are the stupidest fans in the world. Getting back to the point of the article. Consistency. Al Davis also has not been so consistent. People are overly critical about his latest drafts since the Super Bowl run. But they fail the realize that there has been some talent to come out of these drafts. Davis only blew the first round picks in the first decade of the Century except for Janikowski, Asomugha and maybe Gallery(Injuries). It is an embarrassing statistic, yes, but Davis still picked many late round Gems. Davis may know a lot about football with little evidence from recent years, but he does know little about modern football. This forces me to grade Davis with a 3/10 for the decade.
        For the year though he is graded considerably higher at a 6/10 for this years off-season. Don’t get me wrong, great off-season, but still much more to be done, and can be done.
        Kirk Morrison was essentially abandoned by the Raiders, and quite frankly I wouldn’t be angry if he made terrible comments about the Raiders. Here we go, finally getting Morrison some help at DL and LB, and we trade him away for a sub-par draft pick. Fans forget to remember that Morrison made all of these tackles without any help in the middle so he controlled the middle of the field. Also, he never had much help from any other Line Backers besides Howard who is only mediocre. Fans have Trevor Scott overrated as a Linebacker, although he is a great talent at DE. We get him a great supporting cast after leading the team in tackles for 6 years, and we throw him away. It does however explain why we had such a late-round tender on him this off-season which confused me for days.
        Another contributing factor to the low grade for the year is the fact that we still have not addressed, Asomugha and his debilitating amount of depth in which besides him there is none. Chris Johnson proves he cannot do it. And, I cannot stand to even talk about Stanford Routt. The Raiders also picked up Joe Porter in Free Agency where he had been a Packer as a rookie in which he played in only one game and joined the UFL for one season last year. Isn't that going backwards? I am not satisfied with our picked corners either. This will be yet another year of Planet Asomugha being lost somewhere in the Universe of depth. Think about how much more numbers he would have which would translate to turnovers for the team if he had a supporting cast. Teams will be throwing more on the Raiders this year considering the improvements on the run defense. And even with Asomugha, mark my words, they will have a surmountable level of success. Just watch and you will see the gaping holes in the Raiders secondary.
        Most of any part of the team that angers me is our receiving corps. Cable I love you, but you are so totally wrong in saying that we have a great receiving corps. We have a receiving corps that could be great, but where are the veterans. There are so many great veterans out there on the market. Namely, I want “Moose” but any would fit. Our receivers can only progress so much before they start regressing because the lack of Veteran Leadership allowed them to. Murphy is a solid Post-Round (After first round) pick, Zach Miller is a great tight end, Heyward-Bey has potential and seems to be making strides, but the fact of the matter is that Schilens can’t do it so we need a Veteran to come in and teach these youngins how it’s done.
        Mr. Davis you are an absolute football genius and these NFL analysts would not even have jobs if not for your introduction of the deep threat game which made football that much more marketable. But, I am not so loyal to fail to realize that your time is done and you need to hire a General Manager because the game has changed sir you have not. So don’t listen to the boneheads saying you are going senile. For your overall career I grade you a 10/10 for your amazing ability to find great talent in early and late rounds, but most of all for your contribution to the game of football and society.


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