Can Laycool Be Good for Kaval and NXT?

Ian MaloneCorrespondent IIIJune 3, 2010

I read a lot of professional wrestling websites and very few of them are happy about the Kaval/Laycool pairing for season two of NXT. While I'm not really crazy about NXT coming back at all, this matchup is intriguing to me. 

Laycool may be heels but this does not look like a repeat of the Miz/Bryan pairing. Kaval can play the role of heel or face but he doesn't really have to feud with his pros to create interesting television.

We haven't seen Laycool interact with many of the male wrestlers on the roster. Something tells me they won't get along with them, but that may be a good thing.

I thought that the only pro's who were interesting on NXT were Miz, Jericho, Punk, and Regal. Miz is the only one returning for season two which is a shame because Sir William isn't doing anything else. Laycool can attempt to fill the gap.

Laycool has had an interesting year. We saw the end of the Piggie James story line and now the two of them are co-champions after much confusion.

The fact that these two have dealt with confusion recently is perfect for NXT, which makes things up as it goes along. 

I saw Kaval live at a Smackdown taping last November. He was impressive in his victory against Paul Burchill.

I hope that he doesn't receive the Daniel Bryan treatment for coming up through the indies. He spent time in TNA, though, so this may be a guarantee. 

Are Laycool the right pros for Kaval? Probably not, but this show is rigged so it doesn't really matter. Hopefully it will make for interesting television.