Guys Like Favre Should Stay, But Who Should Go?

Greg MarshCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2008

To most that have been following the Brett Favre story, I think there's probably a lot of folks that think Brett will just keep on playing season after season. But that's the nature of the beast that is Brett Favre. He has the competitive toughness all of us wish we had. Year after year he just does his job every single Sunday, some Saturdays and the occasional Thursday. Oh yeah, and thank the storied Green Bay Packer franchise for playing in every single holiday game there is, most likely for T.V ratings. But Brett really does not want to quit. He wants to know his team and organization are behind HIM. Not just stringing him along, inevitably holding the clipboard for the next shotgun arm to hit Green Bay. I really believe Brett has at least a couple seasons left in him, and it would be a great injustice to see a player of his magnitude, waste what great talent he was blessed with.

So what is it that keeps players from " Hangin 'Em Up? " Well, some would say that the money is the only thing that keeps those old bodies moving. Some just don't know when to quit. Guys that have been in the game for years and years, don't know anything BUT what they do. Most athletes are drafted right out of High School, sometimes sooner. Then are a lot of time let to slide by school, in order to enter the pro drafts. Once in the Pros, most athletes have it made, granted they perform at a high level year after year. Depending on the sport, an athlete's career could surpass 20 years. However when a player is past their prime, At what point does it start to tarnish their career? I really don't want to say any names in particular, mostly because the guys that last for years in their respective sports last for one good reason. The were really good at what they did. But for guys like Brett Favre, his talent, determination and leadership keep fans like me in his corner ever single season...even if I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan!