Could Brady become a Bill?

Paul KasprzakContributor IJune 2, 2010

It is very rare that a National Football League player retires with the same team he started with.

That includes New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady who could become a Buffalo Bill in 2011.

According to Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports, via Pro Football Talk, there is a growing disconnect between Brady and the Patriots as neither side have had any substanial contract talks even though Brady is going into the last year of his deal.

If there is no deal done before the 2010 regular season Brady will most likely let his contract expire.

If there is a franchise tag in 2011 then the Patriots will use it.

However, this is Brady we are talking about and every single team in the NFL that needs a quarterback will go after him.

The fact is the Patriots are rebuilding as they are letting veterans walk to rebuild their team with young players.

In the end, it looks like the 2011 offseason igoing to be crazy.