Open-Mic: Athletes and Retirement‏

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Open-Mic: Athletes and Retirement‏
  • Who are some athletes who need to give it up who are still hanging on by a thread today? Brett Favre, is he want to go, but his team is bringing him back in, he should either find another team or retire.
  • What athletes have benefited from sticking around for another year?
    Tom Brady, he is one of the best QB's in the NFL now and if he sticks around for another year, he could break Favre's record.
  • Do you look at players with more respect for leaving the game on top? Not really, cause if they have major respect playing the game, they wouldn't get more or won't stay with that amount.
  • When should an athlete retire? After he has done his NFL career was in the Top and it is out of that.  
  • What criteria of accomplishments should lead to leaving a sport at the right time? One if the best in the NFL OR if he has broken a record.
  • Why do you think some athletes refuse to give up the game? They want to play more or it they don't want to feel like a quitter. 
  • Is it their competitive nature? Yes.  
  • Fear of taking the next step in life? Yes, they have to stop playing what they love to do.  
  • Wanting to make as much money as possible? For some players kinda but more so for the game.
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