Why Now? Late Trades Won't Help Miami, New York This Season

Lee B.Correspondent IJuly 22, 2008

Shockey and Taylor traded? Who would have guessed this day would come? Furthermore, who would have guessed this day would come so late after the NFL draft, where trades could help a team build for the coming season, as opposed to having to sit and watch while other teams use your former players to win this season?

These trades do make sense, with the Redskins getting a big upgrade at defensive end for two draft picks, one of which is a sixth-rounder, and the Saints' offense getting a massive boost at tight end, also for two draft picks, one of which is a fifth-rounder. Remember, Randy Moss was picked up last year for just a sixth round pick; and look at how that turned out.

One of the happiest Saints players is sure to be Marques Colston, whose stats should go up this coming year. It will greatly help Drew Brees to have more than one big target to throw the ball to this season. 

On the other side of the ball, the Redskins' defense should be much improved from last year despite already being fairly solid.

Taylor brings experience and leadership on and off the field, and if Jason Campbell lives up to his expectations, and if the Redskins avoid injury, Taylor may get his wish and play for a legitimate title contender.

Most likely, however, the Saints will go farther than the Redskins, mainly because of more key offseason acquisitions to what might have already been a better team at the start of last season. Not to mention that the NFC South is a much weaker division than the NFC East.

Within a matter of seasons, though, both of these teams have risen in the standings from bottom-enders to conference contenders.