Baseball's 2010 Draft Class: Bryce Harper Leads the Pitcher Heavy Pack

Alec RogersContributor IJune 2, 2010

Last year's draft class can be summed up in one word.


The National's made Strasburg, now 22, the number one overall selection in 2009. And even by top draft pick standards, the right handed starter is something SPECIAL.

What about 2010, though? Can it exceed the hype that Strasburg brought to '09's class of ballers?

Well, maybe...

Remember Bryce Harper? The 16-year-old kid who hits 570 foot home runs, throws 96 MPH fastballs, yet is primarily a catcher? This is finally the year that Harper leaves his southern Nevada roots and signs with a MLB team (likely the Nationals).

What does this mean for the game of baseball? What does this mean for "The Most Exciting Prodigy Since LeBron," according to Sports Illustrated.

Nobody knows, and that's the beauty of baseball.

Harper could go out there and adapt to the major league game right away, like all-star catcher Joe Mauer did.

Or he could become more of a bust than the NFL's Jamarcus Russell.

More than anything, though, there are several pitchers up for grabs who will probably be picked in the first ten slots. These prospects include:

-James Taillon, RHP. A scout-favorite, Taillon would be a great pick for a rebuilding franchise (Orioles, Royals, Indians?)

-Drew Pomeranz, LHP. The Mississippi demon struck out 134 batters in less than 94 innings this year, but hasn't been on fire recently.

-Chris Sale: LHP. This NCAA strikeout leader has been gaining popularity.