Big Storyline in the Making: Major WWE Smackdown Spoiler

Jersey Strong JayCorrespondent IIJune 2, 2010

According to

The Undertaker was written out of the WWE storylines at tonight's Smackdown tapings. The following comes from the spoilers:

Teddy Long comes out to open the show. He says The Undertaker was found by Kane in a vegetative state over the weekend. Cue the opening video and the pyrotechnics. Druids come out signing and walking with a casket to the ring.  Kane comes out and says The Undertaker is gone from WWE and he vows to find out who did this to his brother. He says he will hunt them down and make them pay.

A battle royal was held later on to determine the Undertaker's replacement for the main event at WWE's Fatal 4 Way pay-per-view. Rey Mysterio won and will now join CM Punk, Big Show, and Jack Swagger in the main event for the World Title.

Unbelievable.  I guess The Undertaker really was injured in his match with Rey Mysterio last week.

I honestly think The Deadman should take as much time off as he needs to be ready for next year's Wrestlemania.  I know this is a long time away, but he is too valuable to the show.

Adding Rey Mysterio to this match will boost the workrate and possibly further the issue between Rey and Punk.

Who wants to bet that Kane is the one responsible for The Undertaker's injuries?

Jason Alletto
The Wrestling Roundtable