Drowning Out The Marks In My Head

Lamar BoltonContributor IJune 1, 2010

The following blog is something I write for another site under another Name . I Have stsrted reposting these in order to get more exposure.


 “ Squared Circle Blog”

                         Trying to drown out the Marks in my head

Right out front , there are some rumblings around the net that Batista has an interest in MMA. Even going so far as to have a Video of himself working out at the Affliction Gym . Lets get this clear , pro wrestling is note a e ticket to get into the MMA game . People like Angle , and Batista who have been in the wrestling ring for a while have no business getting into the cage, or Octagon , or Pride Ring . First of all their to old and beat up to go up against people who are more likely younger and in better shape . And while Angle’s skill as an amateur would be a plus for him, somebody like Brock Lesnar who knows Curt’s Weaknesses wouldn’t hesitate to work on Curt’s bad Neck . And lets not kid any one , Big Dave would get eaten alive by Lesnar or Bobby Lashley .

On to the walking wounded from Sunday. You can Add Cena’s name to the list as he lost a Tooth in his I quite match with Batista . Still in all, Orton’s shoulder seems to be the worst casualty and I really cant see him working a Four way in less then a month so their Booking for “ Fatal Four way “ is screwed up. If there is one thing I know its shoulders ad if Orton has had problems with the same one for that long it aint goo

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