Daniel Bryan Belongs In Wwe,after Pinning Miz and Getting Micheal Cole,

lee raydeanCorrespondent IJune 1, 2010

Ex-Rookie from NXT, had a chance to face his ex pro, in the ring last night on Raw. Bryan signed a contract that was good for just one night.

Miz was backstage with Ashton Kutcher, and he told Miz about the contract and that Miz would be in a match against Daniel Bryan. Miz acted like it was no big deal.

After their match started, Bryan wasted no time in getting at Miz. This was his time to shine and show the WWE Universe exactly what he is capable of doing.

Still, Miz had thought this to be humorous. No way can he beat me cause "I'm the Miz and I'm awesome", and if you listen closely, you can almost here him say that.

That's his catch phrase, but last night he wasn't awesome, but Bryan was. The crowd ate it up.

I was excited when Ashton Kutcher and new GM, Bret Hart, announced the match. I knew Bryan would be back.

He's the kind of athlete that can sneak up on his opponent. I'm not saying this right. Let me try again.

Bryan will face anyone at anytime. He doesn't have to sneak up on anyone. From the time he was on NXT, Micheal Cole has had an attitude against him.

Everytime Daniel would come out or his name mentioned, Cole would have something negative to say.

Cole said that he was a loser, had no heart,...etc. A few weeks back, Bryan confronted cole about his attitude with him. Bryan pushed him,, knocked him down, and tried to hit him, but security came running.

Last week, Cole decided he wanted a public apology. Micheal was in the ring with his security. he called Bryan out but, Cole didn't actually think Bryan had the balls to even come to the arena.

Bryan did have the balls and audacity to come to the show and even go down to the ring. Daniel told Cole that there was no need for security because he really wanted to apologize and was sorry for the misunderstanding.

Micheal didn't trust him. Cole was hiding behind his security. Daniel walked up to where Cole was and there was an arguement. Bryan reached over the guards and smacked him.

Security tried to get him out of the ring but he slid away from them, out unto the floor and caught Cole. He pounded on him and kicked him in the head.

Then on RAW last night, Miz got the shock of his life when he tried to put a hold on Bryan and Bryan reversed it and rolled Miz up and got the three count.

After the match, when Bryan had his back to Miz, he was attacked and Miz tried to smack his head on the announcer's table, but Miz got it instead and Bryan threw him over the table right into Cole.

Both Cole and the Miiz went ass over heels. The Miz was really beside himself now. He finally showed off his skills. If McMahon was smart, he would reinstate Bryan's contract.

If he lets him go, TNA will pick him up and you know the rest. Vinnie, get Bryan while the getting is good. Daniel has too much to offer!