Tony Stewart: Love Him or Hate Him, Was Leaving JGR the Right Decision?

Jeffrey SeelyContributor IJuly 22, 2008

Tony Stewart. A heck of a driver and a very passionate man of the racetrack. Whether it's Sprint cars, dirt tracks, or NASCAR, Tony has seen success in all. But a couple of weeks ago, Tony announced he was leaving Joe Gibbs Racing to become partners with Haas racing.

Tony has driven for JGR his whole NASCAR career and knows much success with that organization. Will that success translate over to a new team and new responsibilities as being co-owner and head driver of the Haas organization?

Others have done that very same thing with limited success. Just ask Michael Waltrip, when in 2006, he left DEI to form Michael Waltrip racing. Since creating this team, Michael has suffered setback after setback and has only one top five finish and one top ten finish so far in 2008. We won't even discuss the miserable 2007 season.

The daily pressure and grind of running an organization is vastly different than racing only with minimal involvement of your team's day to day activity. With an extreme pressure to win, Tony has had a history of losing his cool on the track. Can he handle the suit and tie aspect of the business? I personally think no.

It is very difficult to drive a car at top speeds around a track in the blazing sun at speeds of up to 200 mph for several hours. Compare that to high pressure corporate stress and office politics and the daily grind of the pressure in keeping the business afloat.

Do you think Tony can handle that? Go ask Michael Waltrip! Just my two cents! Jeff out. What do you think?