How To Fix a Sink Hole: Dissecting New York Jets' Problems

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How To Fix a Sink Hole: Dissecting New York Jets' Problems
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The new look 2010 Jets are preparing to start the season, and the Rex Ryan era has officially begun! With the latest polls predicting a deep playoff run for the New York Jets , a new stadium (still shared with the Giants), and a great new cast of characters , everything points to the Superbowl .. Everything except the fact that Rex Ryan is trying to build the Taj Mahal on top of a sink hole! What Rex forgot was that while he was playing hungry hungry hippo with every free agent available, he still had an unproven, noodle armed, thin mint  for a quarterback! While looking at the players who jumped on board the titanic that is the Jets during the off season, I wondered if Rex was going to do anything to fix the sink hole that goes by the name Sanchez. Upon further review I did see some signs of what Rex might have been thinking.... We signed him, lets protect him by surrounding him with beasts, give him a top notch backfield to pitch the ball to, and some high caliber receivers who can jump high enough to one hand a Sanchez duck toss. To further protect his image and poor draft pick, why not do what worked in Baltimore some years ago... Let's build a ravenous Defense and while Sanchez plays catch with other teams DBs, we can just win games 3-0, 9-7, 3-2!!! Hey!! It worked for the Ravens of yore, why not the Jets?
In closing, I would just like to tell everyone who seems to think the Jets are Superbowl locks, that I wouldn't go saving up just yet for those Jets Superbowl tickets. The New York Jets of 2010 may seem to taste great, but in the end, I think everyone will find they are less filling.
Peter Comunale
"The Horses Mouth"

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